Sunday, November 22, 2015


by John Leonard Castillo

I had my first convenience store experience when I'm 5 years old. I was always with my dad whenever we go to 7 Eleven. We were playing basketball every Sunday night, and after we play, we would always want to go to 7 Eleven for us to be relaxed there. We would buy food and drinks to quench our thirst and hunger, and that's what convenience store is all about. Convenience store that time is just a store where you will buy small sizes of products. Theirtarget market is the community around them. As the years go by, the convenience stores here in our country had become more innovative in their own ways. For example, Ministop, nowadays, is now serving rice topping meals, they have pork, chicken, and etc. They come up with this kind of concept because they want to serve their customers in a very different way. Unlike before, Ministop is just a convenience store, but now they already have cooked foods to eat. They just made their store more convenient by adding some services. Convenience store industries in our country is growing so fast and very innovative in their own ways. There's a convenience store right now that offers unlimited rice meals just for P62.00, this is the Lawson Convenience Store. Some students find this very accommodating because it's far different from any other convenience store outlets. Family Smart is known for their unlimited twirl ice cream promo. For just P30.00, you can already have your unlimited twirl ice cream. The Family Mart's store ambiance cannot be matched by any other convenience stores out there because you can hang out with your friends conveniently because their employees are very accommodating in a way that you would want to go back in their store. Family Mart is like Starbucks. It has a good image among its market. You can see that convenience stores in our country are existing in every street that you will visit. The goal of every convenience store industry is to put up a store in every street that people will walk on. Convenience store is very much different from earlier stores because of modernization. They are also partnering with other products. There is a portion of a specific product that they are offering like Mister Donuts and Breadtalk. The problem with convenience stores that are doing this is that the product that they are offering is at risk because it could be left out by the other products offered inside the store. They should do a different way of marketing for them to sell it more effectively and efficiently. My experience in this offered products is I didn't notice that there are offered products inside the store because they have their local products also being offered. They should come up with a different marketing strategy with the specific that they are offering. 

Stores are emerging so fast along the streets.  When you walk along the Shaw Boulevard, you can see numerous convenience stores, namely, 7 Eleven, Ministop, Family Mart, and etc. These industries are dominating in their own community. They have different services, different style of serving their customers, and different names, but their main purpose why they exist is to make their customers convenient in their store.

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