Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mall Tour

By Sergio Luis Villanueva

"A place where many people are find
To spend their time so they can unwind
And forget the stress they have been feeling
To escape the pain they are dealing"

Across the Philippines, there isnt a place where there is no shopping malls. Malls are known to be a cozy place to be in, the ambiance it gives is so different. The cold air given by the air conditioner. Its no wonder filipino spend so much time staying in malls rather than staying at home. I prefer going to malls with more people than the usual malls like SM. Malls give me such a refreshing aura, and not just that, it entertains me by seeing families and group of friends having fun and just enjoying theirselves. Without minding the problem they need to face once they leave the mall. Well for me, its a different case. I go to the mall and think of all my problems and think of something good to solve it. While doing that, i enjoy looking and searching for things i like. For example, in SM Megamall, Comic Alley is located at the lower ground floor. Everytime i go there, i would not miss a chance to visit that store, sometimes its the only store i would visit and i would go home after looking at the anime costumes and anime related stuff. Sometimes, if im in the mood,
(lol cause im too lazy to walk) id visit odessy or astro plus to look for my favorite singer's album. Demi Lovato ladies and gentlemen! Most of the time, i go to malls alone. I dont know why but eversince that one event in my college life i started going out and dating myself. (LOL excuses) Sometimes I would go to robinson's galleria with my tita just to look for a specific items that can only be found in Robinson. By the way, i go out with my tita most of the time, no not most of the time, but all the time. Ever since i was a kid, she was the one i was always with when going out. And until now we would go from malls to malls until we find something that we are looking for. Well, all of us have different stories to share when we are talking about malls. Some are love story, horror, romance, A good childhood memory. I have tons of unforgettable moment at malls, with my family, my relatives, my cousins and my friends. There was this time during my second year High school days that we go to SM Megamall everyday for 2 weeks. Where it gets to the point that i ready memorized the positions and locations of the stores. Until now i still know some of the stores that was established when i was in high school. Me and my friends call it "bahay" since we are there everyday. When one of us would invite he  would say "tara punta tayo sa bahay" (referring to SM Megamall). I hope you guys enjoy reading my "shared experience" about Malls, stay tuned for the next experience i would be posting! Arigato Gozaimasu!
-Sergio Luis Villanueva

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