Sunday, November 22, 2015

Shopping spree

by Jilbi Alverne

For me, I don't have any bad experience with a department stores. Of course for me, I don't buy things who I didn't need and I know has low quality. The only problem I encountered on a department store is finding hard what to purchase, you know that feeling whenever you see a good and quality product and want to add it to your cart of purchase.

I feel like I need a SHOPING-SPREE for a whole day and I tell you I can really do that. If I were given a chance in any department store to just spend my day shopping and most especially when its-free. I can maximize everything but of course I will purchase things I need most.

I know what you are thinking that I am a shopaholic well I might say that I am guilty about that. Being accommodating to every sales staff I guess that what keeps them friendly to me. Accommodating in a way that you don't judge them and smile whenever I ask for suggestions and help in finding something. So just keep yourself down and remember even though you are a customer you are all human and in the eyes of god we are all the same.

Your experience will be based on how will you comfortably act in front of the person you are talking, how will you please them not to be rude on you. Being friendly is not going to make down your level to the class of their work, but will gain you more respect for them because you are not stubborn and bossy. Remember you are talking to a person, in any point being Filipino we are known as one of the respectful citizens of a certain country. Wherever we go we give respect to humanity and we give justice to their work.

I remember one time, I was about to use my savings card in a transaction it was my first time to use a card to purchases in a department store so I really don't know what to do. I did not let myself look like a fool in front of the cashier or registrar, but instead I felt proud and confident so that they think that I know what I'm doing. Sometimes to look well knowledge and has that attention power you just need to believe that you are credible in doing things. Also, you need to be sure. Remember what I have written on the first few paragraphs that its okay to make mistakes just accept and learn from it. If you committed a mistake just keep yourself calm, you don't need to shout and let the staff look like he/she is an idiot, you know why? Because at the end it will be you that will be hated of the whole most people.

Going back, you make your own experience in your life the many person surrounds you are just a guidelines to take you on the right path. Be humble and love who you are and what you are because you make your image not anybody else.

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