Sunday, November 22, 2015

Observance out of Curiosity

By Bryan Racines

When I was a kid, I was wondering where the things come from. I was curious on money especially on coins. My relatives gave me a lot of one peso coins however I didn’t know how to use it. Sari-sari store is the place where I can use my coins. My parents told me to do so. I go outside on our house and walk to buy candies and chips using my coins in my pocket. The prices of candies and chips were so affordable. During that time, I was so attracted on the things that I saw especially when it’s colorful and big. For only 1 pesos I can buy a piece of sweet and delicious candy. The owner of the sari-sari store was very kind to me. She frequently smiles at me whenever I buy something to her store. Not only candies are in the sari-sari store, canned goods, toiletries, school supplies, breads beverages, cigarettes, fruits are some of the products that the sari-sari store can offer to sell. When my father ask me to buy something, I am happy because the change was mine so I can buy some snacks for me. When we are out of money the store owner was considerate. She allows us to have credit on her store as long as we pay on the promised date. She wrote down the items that we buy for credit on her notebook. In case of emergency like typhoon and other calamities the general store is open to serve the public. I usually buy candles and match during brownout. When my mom is out of condiments, I run to the store to buy it. Some stores were big and some are small and located usually on the owner’s house for easy management. Sari-sari stores see to it that the product they sell is safe and updated as technological advancement takes place. Some stores offers electronic load to mobile users like me as well as the electronic money transfer. In provinces, I’ve noticed that some stores are painted with a famous brands like Coca-cola. This is one of the steps to use the sari-sari store as a promotional tool. Their signage is usually located on the roof of the store with the store’s name and sponsored brand. In the populous place like Metro Manila almost all barangay have plenty sari-sari store. They look this business as a great source of income. When I was looking on crowded streets almost everywhere there is a sari-sari store to serve the community on their needs whether it is big or small.

As year passes by, I understand more how the sari-sari store earns money. The products is come from another retail store which is the supermarket then the owner add a little price as they sell to the customer. Small medium enterprises like sari-sari store adds up in our fast growing economic growth. A little store helps the community to their needs and wants that is the general store’s mission.

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