Monday, December 14, 2015

Panoramic View

By Jilbi Alverne

To begin with the best and effective retail strategy for me is the ambiance of a store, I love seeing creativity everywhere I go to. Most especially when it defines the comfort of your inspirations. I believe that eyes are the first one to love; the eyes are the one who sees the beauty in everything. When we see something beautiful we easily say what we feel, we even go down to the result or outcome so quick. We don't try to solve or conclude first before everything.

My friends and I usually go somewhere beautiful, we are so creative we even enjoy going to different museum here in the country. For the retail store we usually visit those brands that are well known for not just producing cute and have a good quality but also have a good set up of ambiance something like forever 21, H&M and topman, etc. You know that feeling whenever you enter on those stores and you never want to leave and just stay there and act like it's your walk in closet. This strategy will never go out of style. The stores will continue to renovate until it meets the customers satisfaction when it comes on the comfort ability of the customers.

Another good retail strategy that I have encountered is the location. I'm very adventurous and I love traveling having a good cup of coffee with a perfect view is a combo. My friends and I travel far just to have this kind of combo we usually go to Tagaytay just to have a sip of that combo, but whenever we are in the mood we will continue on driving until we reach Batangas. Batangas has these perfect beaches if you don't want to go too far from manila. Same with shopping malls, we like those malls that have a good location it's either surrounded by buildings or by this panoramic view. Having a variety of choices in one location is superb what I'm saying is that you have different spot depends on your mood. For example, Nuvali in Laguna, you have the mall if you're feeling you want to buy something, but if you want to emote and think deeper there is the man-made lake.

I also enjoy huge or wide malls because it allows you to walk more and focus on the things that are beautiful. I mean it will be easy for you to find something. Well I don't know for you, but for me wide establishments allow me to be more sensitive with my surroundings.  That is the reason  I really like Ayala in Makati because it has everything, I mean you have three (3) to four (4) different malls there in just crossing the streets. It doesn't show competition because each mall is different; its ambiance is different from another. For example, Greenbelt is different from landmark; landmark at the same time is different from Glorieta. It's just a bonus point that it has a wonderful ambiance that is Instagram worthy, I love posting artsy picture on my Instagram wall and able to share it with my friends.

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